An Invitation to Peace

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To The Totality Of Mankind


[He who saves one man
saves the world entire.

– Koran, 5:32; Talmud ]

1. What Peace?

The question of peace remains the foremost issue on the agenda of
the world. In spite of the recent encouraging rapprochement between
the superpowers, we still remain very far from an effective, global
peace. The following items will suffice to give some notion, however
faint, of where the situation stands.

1. The death toll of the Second World War, the greatest war in
human history, was 50 million human beings. On the other hand, in the
period of pseudo-“peace” we have been living through since the Second
World War, the number of dead in regional wars, border conflicts,
terrorist activities and the like has exceeded 100 million.

2. Taking the total destructive power of World War II as a
yardstick, a single Trident submarine is scheduled to carry the
equivalent of 25 World War IIs, while the world’s nuclear arsenal
adds up to 6000 World War IIs.

3. Setting aside all other armaments in the arsenals of the United
States and the Soviet Union and concentrating only on (normal and
thermo-) nuclear weapons, each of these nations has a stockpile of
about ten gigatons in its possession (or an actual gross yield
equivalent to twenty billion tons of TNT). We are, therefore, sitting
on top of one million six hundred thousand nuclear bombs of the size
delivered on Hiroshima. To put it another way, a four-ton share of
TNT falls to every last man, woman and child on earth. This means,
further, that even if these two countries were both to abolish 99.9%
of their respective stockpiles, there would still be enough left over
for 1600 Hiroshima bombs – more than enough to destroy not only each
other, but any number of other countries they might choose to as

4. All the nations of Europe are in hot pursuit of “the Bomb”, and
the capabilities of almost all of them are more than equal to the
task. A conflict arising in sensitive areas such as the Middle East
and Israel is likely to mushroom into nuclear warfare and a rapid
escalation that would engulf the entire world in its flames. (Israel
is estimated to have about 100 nuclear weapons in its stockpile.)
Besides countries such as China, Britain, France and India which are
definitely known to possess the Bomb, countries such as Pakistan and
South Africa are suspected of having produced it. Experts fear that
even terrorist organizations might – by clandestine means – construct
or otherwise procure nuclear weapons.

5. Due to a confusion of birds appearing on radar screens with
ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) and errors of a similar
ilk, the world has come to the brink of annihilation many times to

6. According to the recent findings of scientists, even if we were
to ignore all the rest of the devastation wrought by a thermonuclear
war, the smoke and dust raised by the mushroom clouds would bring
about a “nuclear winter” on Earth, and hundreds of millions of
survivors would starve or freeze to death. And yet, this is only one
among the many dreadful effects of an all-out – or even a small –
thermonuclear war.

7. Global arms expenditures are measured in terms of hundreds of
billions of dollars per year. A considerable portion of this money
comes from the Third World, which is poor enough to start with. A
small fraction of the sums spent on arms would suffice to eradicate
hunger in many a poor country.

The above items – to which we have confined ourselves for reasons
of space – do not, however, really begin to take the measure of the
global Arms Race. The situation is far graver than any impression the
above facts might convey, so that the optimism of a person in these
matters is almost invariably a direct measure of his ignorance. The
indescribable horror of a thermonuclear holocaust vastly exceeds the
capacity of the mere human imagination to deal with it, and lies
totally beyond the powers of description of any human language.


2. All Men Are Brothers

No matter how serious the differences, there is one thing all
human beings should never forget: We are all the great-grandchildren
of Adam and Eve. All men are united by their common ancestry in the
First Man and Woman and in this respect, we are all equal – each of
us having been inspired with the Divine Breath, not merely of life,
but of humanity. Yes, human beings of different races, languages,
nationalities, etc. have emerged later on, due to geographical
circumstances, differences of land, culture and the like. But these
are all human beings. They are all our cousins, our brothers and
sisters. Wherever on earth you go, you will find none with three
eyes, four legs or five hearts. Indeed, even in the case of rare
genetic disorders, no difficulty whatever is encountered in
identifying these anomalies as homo sapiens.

Unfortunately, due to superficial differences stemming from any
number of reasons, human beings have become enemies of one another.
All men are brethren; yet, since they are unable to see this fact,
they remain sworn enemies. Such cruelty is brought to bear that man
flees the wrath of man in mass emigrations, which may follow upon
forced deportation, seeking refuge elsewhere – both domestically (as
in the case of Russia) and between nations (such as the exodus from
Bulgaria to Turkey or from East Germany to the west).


3. Stone Age or Space Age?

In our day mankind has, in terms of science and technology,
ascended to unheard-of and, until quite recently, unimaginable
heights. Human beings have set foot on the moon, and are preparing to
visit Mars and the other planets. In medicine, intensive research is
being conducted so that even the most invincible diseases may be

Was man more advanced in the Stone Age, or is he more advanced
today, in the Space Age? In terms of science, technology, and
medicine, the answer is unquestionably that we are more advanced

But if we view matters from a different aspect, we shall see that
human beings have not progressed at all. Scientists and historians
calculate that out of the last 5400 years, only in a hundred has the
world seen peace. In peaceability, therefore; in ethics and in all
things that make man human, there has been very little progress
indeed. The creature who ascends to the skies in planes and
spacecraft is but a clean-shaven, necktied version of Stone-Age Man.
Furthermore, the caveman was at least redeemed by the fact that he
did not possess the possibility to destroy his fellow-men and the
rest of the world. Viewing things from this perspective, we realize
that we have, in relative terms, actually regressed, back beyond even
the Stone Age. The technical proficiency of human beings many times
exceeds the wisdom, the moral and ethical level, required to ensure
their proper use of that technology.


4. Sun, Water, Soil

If we consider our life on Earth, we note that nature does not
distinguish between human beings in bestowing her gifts. The borders
men have arbitrarily defined between nations, as well as the
artificial barriers they erect within these borders, are invisible
from the sky and remain totally irrelevant to the natural elements on
which mankind depends for its existence. The sun shines on everyone,
drawing no distinctions between people. Water gives life regardless
of race, language or religion. The soil presents its bounties to all
people of every imaginable kind, whether young or old, good or bad,
rich or poor.

Herein lies a lesson for human beings. If the sun, the water and
the soil do not discriminate between men, from where, precisely, do
we fancy that we have received the right to do so?

As in life, so also in death, the natural elements of the Earth will
bind us inextricably together. Wind and water will carry the
radioactive fallout from even a small nuclear skirmish between a
couple of minor nations far beyond the borders of the two. In 1986,
the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in Russia
were registered as far away as Canada, the U.S. and Japan. Even a
single nuclear weapon, however, would contaminate a much greater area
than the worst conceivable accident to a nuclear reactor.

We must resolve our differences and take the requisite measures
for a durable peace in the shortest possible time. For if the
“Doomsday Machine” – constructed by mankind with such a vast outlay
of money and labor – once begins to operate, not only human life but
perhaps all life will be wiped off the planet. Before the Megadeath
Machine begins to roll, before the Holocaust of Hell, we must destroy
this monster before it is too late.


5. Brave New World

Although its arrival has not been officially announced or
celebrated with fanfare, we have at long last to realize that ever
since 1945, when the first nuclear bomb was exploded, we have been
living in a totally new – or, more precisely, Brave New – World. In
a sense, the End has already begun. Hiroshima constitutes the most
important turning point in human history and prehistory. It would be
much more appropriate to discard the present calendar and start a new
one, with 6 August 1945 as Year (and Ground) Zero. At this writing,
as of 44 A.H. (After Hiroshima), we are already a long way into the
Era of Doomsday.

We must never forget that the First World War was triggered by the
assassination of a minor European nobleman by a nobody. We have not
the slightest assurance that history will not repeat itself. Any
spark can ignite a chain reaction, a maelstrom that will inexorably
suck in one nation after another until none is left. The Arms of
Inferno warn us: “As long as we exist, even the least of the wars you
wage among yourselves imperils you all.” And again, they say: “If you
cannot control yourselves, destroy us; or else we will destroy you.”
This is the mutual message not only of nuclear, but of all Toxic
Weapons (whether Nuclear, Biological or Chemical). Until we do so,
not a single person on Earth can be safe.


6. Water For Fire

Hatred does not cease by hatred; hatred ceases by tolerance, by
compassion and, ultimately, by love. We cannot extinguish fire with
fire; to put out fire, water is required. Water, more than anything
else, is what mankind needs today: The Water of Life, the Water of
Peace. For if we cannot survive, the meaning of all other needs will
be negated.


7. In One Book Unite

The heart, the marrow, of all religions is love. History both
ancient and modern testifies to the fact that only by religions have
human beings been motivated to civilized behavior. Those who
castigate religion for crimes committed in its name should search
elsewhere for the real culprit: It is not religion but man’s
diabolical ego that commands him to do such things. The purpose of
religion is, rather, to inhibit these drives. Science and technology
cannot, and have not been able to, achieve this: they do not even
address the question. By this time, such a dense cloud of ignorance
and obfuscation surrounds the subject of religion that we have
forgotten these simple facts.

The monstrous atrocities, tortures and genocides of the last 100
years have amply demonstrated that ethics cannot long survive in the
absence of religion. Only religion can teach men to be gentle, to
curb their passions, to care for others. And only religion can
provide human beings with the moral education and elevation necessary
to deal with the Weapons of Doomsday conclusively.

Throughout history, human beings have found the wherewithal to
unite over religious books. The most famous of these are the Torah,
the Psalms, the Gospel and the Koran. Today, too, men must come
together over one Book. Men must join hands around whichever Book is
the most all-embracing, and does not discriminate on the basis of
race, language, or nationality.

All men must rally around one banner. They must produce water with
the might derived from that flag, and extinguish all fires. Only in
this way is a lasting peace possible.

Do not forget: if we do not stamp out the flames while they are
already under control, the tiniest spark anywhere may someday destroy
the entire forest, leaving a desolate, waste land in its wake.


8. A Devastation Of Cosmic Magnitude

Where is this fire going to end? We shall surely put an end to
this wonderful, this heavenly world of ours with our own hands. The
basic power of the universe will be harnessed in a cataclysm whose
ferocity lies beyond imagination. The energy that powers the sun,
that fuels the furnaces of the stars, will be unleashed on earth in
all its terrifying intensity; human beings will scorch and raze the
face of the Earth, and will roast and boil and vaporize each other
with temperatures of tens of millions of degrees. Even their
individual atoms will cease to exist. This is the stark, the
horrifying reality we have used our science to conjure.

Of all the bodies in the universe, our planet is the only one on
which we are sure life exists. A wise adage goes: “I myself did and
myself suffered; so who cares?” If we decide to commit global
suicide, there will be no one left behind to shed tears after us.


9. Destination: Disaster

Unfortunately, the day is long past when the Arms of Apocalypse
were under the exclusive monopoly of the two superpowers. At present,
there is no way in which weapons proliferation can be halted. The
long closely-guarded secrets of the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb
(which is a thousand times more powerful) are out. For any nation
with the means to construct the first, the second is also no longer
out of reach. Any government, even if it developed and built them on
its own, could today pave the way to the destruction of the entire

It is stated in a Divine utterance that: “Human beings will bring
about Doomsday with their own hands.” What else can this saying refer
to, except thermonuclear war?

Moreover, the potential effects of all novel weapons systems –
under consideration or deployment by member countries of the “Nuclear
Club” – on the Balance of Terror are uniformly and depressingly
destabilizing. Mired as they are in a quicksand in which all struggle
is self-defeating, the more the superpowers have striven to increase
their stockpiles, the lower has their security (and that of the whole
world) sunk. And now, as if the balance weren’t precarious enough
already, the push towards space weapons, Star Wars, and newer
generations of weapons and missiles promises to exacerbate the
situation by many orders of magnitude.


10. The Second Deluge

Once before, in the remote past, our Earth experienced another
catastrophe of global dimensions: The Flood, occurring in the time of
Noah, destroyed all living beings not on board his Ark. In this
respect, Noah was the second Adam.

Today we are faced with the danger of a second Deluge. But this
time things are different. Whereas the first Deluge was one of water,
the second will be a Deluge of Fire. Furthermore, although the first
one did not harm the Earth or impair its ability to nurture life, the
Fire Deluge will destroy all, reducing the entire planet to cinders.

It is no use feigning ignorance. All the governments of the world,
including those of Europe, are fully aware of the facts, aware of
this diabolical error. But whereas peace talks drowsily continue on
the one hand, they are all striving to bring about the End of the
World on the other. On the one hand are the global preparations for
this awesome destiny; on the other is the paralysis, the singular and
total inaction, to do anything to prevent it. No matter from which
angle we view things – whether scientific, medical, technical, or
indeed any other – the conclusion is inescapable: Mankind is
preparing to burn down the Earth, to reduce it to fire and ashes,
together with all its human, animal and vegetable inhabitants. Who
will bear the responsibility for this infernal agony? Who feels
prepared to stand to account for this universal slaughter, this
massacre of mankind, this Geocide?


11. Shall we Murder Our Own Children?

On the one hand, we cherish our youth, our children and
grandchildren; on the other hand, the fathers of the same children
are preparing to purge the Earth with the Weapons of the Armageddon,
to incinerate their children with their very own hands. If we, as the
community of the United Nations, do not with good sense and
conscience put an end to this peril, how can we expect our
children to succeed where we have failed? If the United Nations forum
cannot find a satisfactory solution to this menace, for what else is
it good for, what is its reason for existence, its raison
? And if men do not pity Mankind and themselves, let
them at least have mercy on the animals and plants of the world,
those innocents that have borne the burden of Mankind ever since Adam
and Eve.


12. No Escape

The enormity of a global conflagration staggers all powers of the
imagination. Atom-Age Man has sought far and wide for a haven by
which to escape this terrible fate. Nowhere has he been able to find
a foolproof shelter, not even from the peaceful yet still poisonous
(radioactive) byproducts of the atom, either in the bowels of the
Earth or ten miles beneath the sea.

Once men had understood this, they turned their eyes to the realm
of space. It is high time this sinister secret was revealed: Be it
known that whatever its ostensible purposes, the real aim behind the
Space Race is the craving of men to find a home in space so that they
can detonate Doomsday on Earth. Is it an article of Divine Judgement
that compels you to do this? Or are you only acting under the
compulsion of a selfish and satanic drive, from Adam and Eve to this


13. The Third Adam

The First Adam, as everyone knows, was Adam himself (and Eve).
Noah was the Second Adam. And now, prepare yourselves for the Third
Adam, for this is what the rockets, the space stations and shuttles
are all about. The frantic search is on for a hideout in space where
the last representative of Mankind can survive.

Who will the Third Adam be? Whether American or Russian, Japanese
or Chinese, his nationality will mean little to the rest of
foredoomed mankind and, ultimately, nothing to himself.

For a moment and simply for the sake of the argument, let us
suppose that this is, after all, a viable solution. Where can Adam-3
survive? Within the solar system, the only place where the support of
life is even remotely possible is on Mars. The conditions on Mercury,
Venus and the outer planets are much too forbidding for the survival
of man, even granting that the enormous difficulties involved in
visiting them could be overcome. Interstellar and intergalactic
travel lies beyond the pale of any currently foreseeable terrestrial
technology, quite apart from the fact that a suitable planet would
first of all have to be found.

Whether in a space station, on the Moon or on Mars, man will be
totally dependent on a spacesuit, an oxygen mask, and medical
food-pills for survival. He cannot do without these for a single
instant. Can you forecast how long he will survive under these
circumstances? The most he can manage will be five years. In view of
this fact, how much longer is the Space Race going to continue? We
cannot justify these expenditures, this senseless squandering of
vital and gigantic resources, especially not when Mankind stands in
dire need of them.

As far as the giant telescopes can probe, the only habitable place
within sight – and within reach – is the planet we are already
standing on. Does it not say something to us that scientists looking
15 billion light years into space, to the very limits of the cosmos,
have not yet discovered a single planet even remotely resembling the
Earth? That we should perhaps be a little more careful, a little more
considerate and reverent, toward the humble ground we tread on?


14. Space Weapons, Star Wars

Since he cannot escape himself no matter where he goes, and as if
the Earth were not enough, man had to carry his dreams of destruction
into space. Leave aside for the moment the thousands of spy
satellites in orbit, the U.S. Armed Forces Space Command and its
opposite number in the USSR. Even if they can only fantasize about it
today, the vision of particle-beam and laser weapons on orbiting
satellites shooting ICBMs out of the sky has mesmerized those who
believe that an effective defense against a thermonuclear “spasm war”
is possible. But things have not quite worked out that way. Far from
rendering nuclear weapons and the insanity of MAD (Mutual Assured
Destruction) “impotent and obsolete”, the SDI (Strategic Defense
Initiative) has, by the science-fiction nature of its aspirations,
been reduced to the much more mundane and dangerous – position
of maintaining the capability to retaliate. Is it not obvious that
herein lie the seeds of a much more terrifying space/arms race than
witnessed hitherto?

The Maginot Line of the French was, in World War II, able to secure
little defense against the Germans. How much more protection or
the illusion thereof is a space-based Maginot Line expected to
provide? Ignore for a moment that a Star-Wars system will cost
trillions of better-spent dollars; that no one will be able to write
50 million lines of error-free software. Disregard the fact that the
computers will have to fight out World War III between themselves,
since there will be no time to alert the generals and heads-of-state.
Forget, too, that a
well-aimed grain of sand can disable a satellite, that mirrors can
be used to reflect the lethal beams back to their sources, and the
countless other countermeasures that undoubtedly can, and therefore
will, be used. A much more ominous possibility looming ahead seems to
have escaped almost everyone: If directed-energy weapons of
sufficient power are developed someday, they will much more readily
be used for offense than for defense, which brings us back to the
very predicament we had set out to resolve. When are we going to
realize that our only true security lies, not in devising ever more
intricate and impossible arms (whether offensive or defensive), but
in the total abolition of weapons of indiscriminate mass destruction?


15. The Way Out

The road to salvation lies, in our view, in the four fundamental
Books: The Torah, the Psalms, the Gospel, and the Koran. Only from
these Four Books will mankind be able to derive the moral fortitude
and integrity, the self-control and inspiration, necessary to protect
against the deadly fruits of science and civilization. (All other
religious texts, to the extent that they are true, may be regarded as
exegeses of and commentaries on these).

Let us unite on these Four Books of Divine Dispensation. Let us
not try to destroy our only – once and future – world. Let us
strive to rid ourselves of these impulses – selfish and diabolical
– that plague the minds of men. Let us endeavor, not to incinerate
our Earth with hellfire, but to enrich it – humanely, with wisdom,
with the Pen, from our present vantage point of medicine and science.
Starting with man, let us feel a little compassion for the whole
world, together with its plant and animal kingdoms that support


We leave the verdict to the leaders of the world, and to all
humanity. Let us wake up from this slumber. Let us cast off the demon
of our egos.

We have received this world as a gift from God, our Creator. The
Earth is a present to us. With discernment and with conscience, let
us again bequeath this abode to God, Who entrusted it to us in the


Lover of humanity, with a divine feeling of conscience,
both materially and spiritually;
of the Earth with all its animals
down to the least little ant,
down to the tiniest flower
with all its plants;
Hadji Ahmet Kayhan

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